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Welcome to Crystal Clear Emotions
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 Jewelry, Crystals ,Wire wrapped Crystal Jewelry,Minerals, Stone Animal Carvings ,Charm Lockets and Charms.We create and design wonderful hand crafted pendants and earrings using silver and gold wire fashioned around beautiful unique stones and crystals. We mine herkimer diamonds and garnets. Crystal Clear Emotions also works with several artists through out the country that work in hand carved stones . Working with artist who work in specific areas allows for the best quality and workmanship. We network with four miners through out the world, bringing to you unusual stones, sometimes never seen in traditional jewelry stores.We are now featuring several unique gift items such as Whats in your Heart Charm Locket Jewelry™ and Wire Wrapped Crystal & Stone Pendants. We sell our products retail, wholesale, home parties, fairs, fundraisers, festivals and over the internet.

Proprietor: Susan Laganelli